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The CHS Mustang STAMPEDE has returned.

The 'Stangs were recently spotted trotting around campus, but now they've escaped. We need your help to get them back to the 'Stangs corral.

Image result for mustang icon

Rumor has it that Smith is trying to lead them to Trojan territory. We cannot allow that to happen and must keep them within the boundaries of 'Stang Country. You can help by surprising your friends, favorite Senior, sports player, high kicking Cheval, hiphop dancer, artist, musician or even your coach with a STAMPEDE. Help us lead them back to Mustang Canyon.  

• Stampede a friend - $20
• Keep the Stampede out of your yard - $30
• Find out who Stampeded you - $10

STAMPEDING runs October 14th through 25th.  Click for your Order forms here.  

Hurry before it's too late!

Link your Tom Thumb Reward card to Creekview PTSA account 9624

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